Marcel Broodthaers. Un voyage en Mer du Nord

Hosssman, Bruxelles & Petersburg Press, London, 1973


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The text that accompanies the mysteriously sequenced, cropped photographs and paintings of two ships at sea reads, “Before cutting the pages the reader had better beware of the knife he will be wielding for the purpose. Sooner than make such a gesture I would prefer him to hold back that weapon, dagger, piece of office equipment, which, swift as lightning, might turn into an indefinite sky. It is up to the attentive reader to find out what devilish motive inspired this book’s publication. To that end he may make use, if need be, of select readings from today’s prolific output. These pages must not be cut.

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15 × 17,5 cm, 38 pages (pages untrimmed as originally published), edition of 1000 copies