Maike van Stiphout: First Guide to Nature Inclusive Design

Maike van Stiphout

nextcity, 2019


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Landscape architecture is the profession designing with urban ecosystems. It’s time for architects and urbanists, commissioners and the building industry to join in, because nature inclusive design leads to better quality of life for all beings. Urban ecosystems are extensive and improving them is a complex task. But many small projects together do have a positive impact. This insight made Maike van Stiphout decide to create this guide for city builders. The knowledge acquired through the years is crystallised into a compact, practical theory in which you follow three rules to make a nature inclusive project. An easy start for beginners. And since we have only just begun to build for biodiversity, Maike van Stiphout calls it the first guide. Who’s next?

ISBN: 9789090316161

166 pages, 18 x 11,9 cm, hardcover, English