Ludwig Wittgenstein: Photography as Analytical Practice

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Verena Gamper, Elisabeth Kamenicek, Michael Nedo, Ulrich Richtmeyer, Gregor Schmoll, Joseph Wang-Kathrein, Hans-Peter Wipplinger

Leopold Museum & Verlag Walther und Franz König, 2021


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This publication does not focus on the pioneering philosophical writings of Ludwig Wittgenstein or their impact on the visual arts, but on the photographer Wittgenstein – the author, collector and arranger of photographs. In addition to his famous photo album from the 1930s, the photos of the house he helped to design for his sister in Kundmanngasse in Vienna and the composite portrait of the Wittgenstein siblings, the catalog also includes things that have so far hardly been noticed such as the image sequence from a photo booth and other staged portraits, his ” protocol-based “photo series of places and people, excerpts from his Nonsense Collection as well as from postcard correspondence, which reveals a practice of communication that always reflects the pictorial level of this medium. Against the background of his reflections on photography – including his plan to write a “Laocoon for Photographers” – this stock of material invites us to make Wittgenstein’s understanding and use of the medium fruitful for a contemporary re-vision.
The exhibition at the Leopold Museum puts Wittgenstein’s photographic practice in dialogue with works by contemporary artists who are photographic or reflecting on photography.


ISBN: 9783753300498

304 pages, illustrated, 28,4 x 23,8 cm, hardcover, German/English