Lore Stessel: The body will thrive

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Lore Stessel, Nico Anklam, Marie-Pascale Gildemyn

Eigen beheer, 2020


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The book groups Lore Stessel’s photographic research on dance and movement of the past six year. It can be read as a choreography in which the rhythm of the dance is accompanied by the pace of turning each page.

In this body of work Lore reconciles three gestures: the gesture of the photographer and the importance of the right decision in choosing what moment to capture; the gesture of the dancer and the capturing of a fraction of their movement; and finaly, the gesture of the painter, which (re)introduces the movement to the still imag, during the developing process.
Throughout these meetings between photographer and dancer, mutual “trust” between both partner is essential. The entire creative process takes place within the compelling suspense of time, always accompanied by a deeply human awarness of its fleetingness and value.



100 pages, 64images, 26 x 20 cm, paperback, Dutch/English/French