Lichtjaren: Een geschiedenis van de fotografie

Hans Rooseboom

Meulenhoff, 2019


Rooseboom shows how photos were taken, intended, distributed, viewed and used. Photo museums are flattened, the photography fair Unseen has grown enormously in a few years and is very successful: photography is hot. In Light years, Hans Rooseboom tells how photography grew from scratch into the influential, practiced by almost everyone and everywhere. He shows how photos were taken, intended, distributed, viewed, used and misused. For example, people were already worried about the privacy violated by cameras in 1890, and manipulating photos is much older than Photoshop. After twelve chapters, the reader will look at photos differently and better and also understand them better – and perhaps become a better photographer too. Light years concludes with a guide that takes the reader through the jungle of photo collection. IN DUTCH!



ISBN: 9789029091985

304 pages, 22,2 x 16,8 cm, hardcover, Dutch