Landmark: The Fields of Landscape Photography

William A. Ewing

Thames & Hudson, London, 2014


Landscape photography has traveled far from its origins in the picturesque or pastoral. It is at the cutting edge of contemporary image-making with leading photographers creating work that transcends definitions of “art” or “documentary.” This is the first truly international survey of a vibrant, burgeoning field of photography, its masterful image-makers, and their work.
William A. Ewing has selected more than 230 photographs by over 100 photographers, ranging from renowned figures such as Susan Derges, Edward Burtynsky, and Simon Norfolk, to younger rising stars including Pieter Hugo, Olaf Otto Becker, and Penelope Umbrico. Each of them represents an individual viewpoint of a shared concern for our changing landscape and environment.
Organized into ten themes — Sublime; Pastoral; Artefacts; Rupture; Playground; Scar; Control; Enigma; Hallucination; and Reverie — Landmark is an intelligent and poetic survey which captures a genre of photography to perfection.

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ISBN: 9780500544334

256 pagina's, 240 kleurenillustraties, 25 x 30 cm, hardcover, Engels