Land Art Live: De Flevoland collectie

Live Land Art

Mariska van den Berg, Martine van Kampen

Nai2010 Uitgevers, 2020


Flevoland (The Netherlands) has a unique collection of Land Art, including De Groene Kathedraal by Marinus Boezem, Observatorium by Robert Morris and Riff, PD#18245 by Bob Gramsma.These Land Art works once stood in the empty polder, but are now part of a dynamic landscape transformation. Views on art and its social significance have also changed in the five decades this book covers. This raises questions about the preservation of the works and of the collection as a whole.Land Art Live | The Flevoland Collection sheds light on the Land Art in Flevoland. A younger generation of artists was asked to use performances to connect with the original meaning of the Land Art works. In addition, experts in the field of visual art, heritage and landscape provide ideas with which the future of this exceptional collection and the landscape can be shaped. Land Art Live can also be used as a guide when visiting this extraordinary open-air museum. IN DUTCH, BUT ENGLISH EDITIONA AVAILABLE ON REQUEST !

ISBN: 9789462085879

208 pages, illustrated, 28 x 20,2 cm, paperback, Dutch (English edition on request)