Lacloche Joailliers

Laurence Mouillefarine, Véronique Ristelhueber, Francis Lacloche

École des Arts-Joailliers & Éditions Norma, 2019


The Lacloche house is one of the glories of Parisian jewelery. After modest beginnings rue de Châteaudun in 1892, she settled rue de la Paix, with branches in London, Madrid and the seaside resorts of Nice, Biarritz, Cannes, Deauville, San Sebastián …
The Lacloche experienced a meteoric rise from the Belle Epoque, seducing as well the crowned heads of England, Spain, Greece or Siam as the aristocracy and Hollywood.
Renowned for the elegance and refinement of their manufacture, the models signed Lacloche Frères, then Jacques Lacloche, were designed by the best workshops in Paris, such as Langlois, Péry, Rubel, Strauss Allard and Meyer or Orchard, to which this book makes a expected tribute.
Based on family archives and two extraordinary new albums of jewel gouaches, boxes and clocks made for the International Exhibition of 1925, this first monograph highlights, through more than 700 documents, the exceptional creations of the jeweler, Art Nouveau and Art Deco in the 1960s.


ISBN: 9782376660248

320 pages, 700 aillustrations, 31 x 25, 3 cm, hardcover, French/English