kyklàda press: Vol.1. The Architect is Absent – Approaching the Cycladic Holiday House

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Sharon Kanach, Hulya Ertas, Mâkhi Xenakis, Sven Sterken, David Bergé, Dimitra Kondylatou

kyklàda press, 2020


Vol.1. The Architect is Absent: Appraoching the Cycladic Holiday House, Vol. 2. Free Love Paid Love: Expressions of Affection in Mykonos, Vol.4. The Sleeping Hermaphrodite: Waking Up from a Lethargic Confinement

kyklà is a small imprint, producing a series of texts resonating with phenomena in the Aegean Archipelago. kyklà is a book project driven by a trans-disciplinary team directed by David Bergé, exploring critical and experimental positions in writing. With each volume in this series, we are slowly forming a catalogue of liquid forms of modernity: corporeal bodies – historical and actual, real, and imaginative.

key words: island topographies, archipelago culture, urbanism, architecture, corporeality, historical (dis)continuities, experiences of landscapes, queer culture, gender equality, non-patriarchy, travel and tourism narratives, photography, art, poetry and other liquid forms of modernity.Dry heat on your body. Bronze grasses and rocks, cactae, aloe vera. Concrete, asphalt, and marble, the Cycladic Landscape is both rural and urban: the Aegean Archipelago, south-east of Athens, extends into the city hills.

Through navigation, our westernized sense of perspective has established a common horizon, simplifying islands as visual spots at the surface of the sea. Islands are not exotic entities alone in the sea waters. Islands remain interconnected with the mainland and each other, from the top of the mountains to the hidden topographies of the sea bed: a myriad of creatures and non-organic matter which lives in constant symbiosis with water; tectonic plates, fossil fuel pipes, and data cables.

Vol.1: The Architect is Absent: Approaching the Cycladic Holiday House .

The white cubical house, the vernacular architecture in the Aegean Archipelago, knows no author. Its capacity to resist harsh climatic and topographic circumstances has been improved and adjusted through time and seems today close to perfection. The white-washed Cycladic House has become iconic to the image of Greece through the construction of national and tourism narratives. What happens when an architect steps into this process of anonymous transmission of skills? In 1966 music composer, architect, and engineer Iannis Xenakis articulated a response to this tradition and designed, from his base in Paris, a holiday house on the island of Amorgos while choosing to remain absent throughout the construction process.


ISBN: 9789464202823

96 pages, illustrations in color & b/w, 16,2 x 12 cm, paperback, English