Koen Tinel tekent: Babel & Singer

Isaac Bashevis Singer, Isaak Babel

Oogachtend, 2022


Snowflakes fall like blossoms on the streets of New York.
In a monastery in frozen Kostroma, a Russian Mother of God flakes off.
An angel is smothered, a body smuggled in, a fallen lover mourned.
A father wanders among his dead and Jesus shows himself to be sinful.

Isaak Babel and Isaac Bashevis Singer have immortalized all too human figures in their physical and poetic stories and drew them all too divine to earth. Koenraad Tinel captures the stories of the two literary greats in sometimes tender, then furious, fragile and carnal features. Tinel draws Babel & Singer, between trap and imagination, the slipping and the unforgettable.IN DUTCH!

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ISBN: 9789492672551

184 pages, illustrated, 21,5 x 14 cm, hardcover, Dutch