Know How: 40 uitzonderlijke ambachtslieden in Brussel / 40 artisans bruxellois d’exception

Delphine Martens, Julien Hayard

Prisme Editions, 2020


Forty captivating encounters. Cultural editor Delphine Martens and photographer Julien Hayard will lead you to the workshops of contemporary artisans and introduce you to their world. Carpenters, stonemasons, master glass makers. They have an age-old expertise acquired through years of training and practice. With a passion for the matter, they have chosen to make a living from their manual labor, a discreet resistance to the digital age. They are eager to pass on this fragile Brussels know-how to the master craftsmen of tomorrow. A book in the form of a spontaneous walk through the city and its buildings, an ode to human creativity. The crafts included in the work: ironwork, art locksmithing, restoration of architectural heritage, design, furniture making, electricity, upholstery, joinery, mosaic, decorative painting, plumbing, rock work, staff and stucco, stonework, roofing and carpentry, glass leadwork. IN DUTCH & FRENCH!

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ISBN: 9782930451329

192 pages, illustrated, 24 x 17 cm, paperback, Dutch/french