Kapwabi Kiwanga

Stefanie Gschwend, Kapwani Kiwanga, preface by Felicity Lunn

Pasquart Kunsthaus & Verlag für Moderne Kunst, 2020


Documenting a political multimedia installation by Kapwani Kiwanga, winner of the 2018 Frieze Art Award

This book gathers a selection of works by Paris-based Canadian artist Kapwani Kiwanga (born 1978) who works with sculpture, photography, video and performance in her political installations. Kiwanga’s works present a multifaceted perspective on postcolonial history, juxtaposing architecture, the human body, popular belief and spirituality.


ISBN: 9783903320482

92 pages, 26,5 x 20,4 cm, illustrated, hardcover, English