Interieurs van herrijzend Nederland 1940-65

Binnenruimten van een opkomende welvaartsstaat

Marieke Kuipers

W Books, 2019


In a short time the Netherlands was able to recover from the enormous war damage. After a difficult start of scarcity, more than 2.5 million new buildings were added between 1945 and 1965. The associated interior spaces were versatile in design for living and working, learning and churches, shopping and relaxing. Thanks to government support for standardization and mechanization, rapid and massive production of buildings, furniture and materials for interior decoration was possible. Good Living became a household word. In the meantime, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find completely original interiors from the mid-twentieth century. Partly due to wear and tear, partly due to changes in taste and technology, but also due to unfamiliarity and undervaluation. This publication offers an overview of the monumental interior design and the interiors created by chance during the reconstruction period. The book contains concise essays about the most important developments, thematic chapters on color, materials, comfort and technology and hundreds of images. The well-known buildings that are discussed in the book include De Doelen concert and conference building in Rotterdam, the Gelders Huis in Arnhem and Hengelo town hall. IN DUTCH

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ISBN: 9789462582170

320 pages, illustrated, 28,4 x 22,6 cm, hardcover, Dutch