In My View. Personal Reflections on Art by Today’s Leading Artists

Simon Grant (Ed.)

Thames & Hudson, London, 2012


Behind the closed doors of contemporary artists’ studios is a hidden world of images – those artworks that have inspired, animated, troubled or consoled them. Their reflections on these works are often deeply personal, recalling life-changing moments or capturing the excitement that comes from encounters with great art. With over 150 illustrations, In My View provides an intimate look at the imaginations of more than seventy-five international artists, all of whom reflect on an artist who has inspired them or influenced their practice. It’s an entirely fresh way of looking at art, unmediated by historians or art critics, and seen instead directly through the eyes of the artists themselves. In My View features art from the fifteenth to the mid-twentieth century, often supplemented with work by the selecting artists themselves. Some provide unusual reflections on familiar figures from the past – such as Rachel Whiteread on Piero della Francesca, Chuck Close on Vermeer, or Eija-Liisa Ahtila on Picasso. Some contributors have selected lesser-known artists – from Francesco Clemente on Henry Fuseli to Tomma Abts on Itō Jakuchū – 
revealing surprisingly strong private passions. The stories show the challenges, provocations and revelations that can be found when one artist looks closely at the work of another.

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ISBN: 9780500238967

208 pagina's, 26 x 18 cm, 152 Illustraties, 135 in kleur, Hardcover, Engels