HORST Arts and Music 2014-2018 (edition of 500 copies)

Tim Borguet, Eva Nowé, Evelyn Simons (Ed)

Horst Arts & Music Festival, 2020


This book is published as a documentation of 5 years HORST Arts & Music Festival, at the site of the Horst Castle, in Holsbeek (BE). The festival and exibition was held from 2014-2018, and was the first chapter of HORST.
Including. Artist impressions by Filip Dujardin, Atelier Bow-Wow, Amber Vanluffelen, Katja Mater and Sheila Hicks. Interviews with Motor City Drum Ensemble, Assemble Studio, Children Of The Light, San Soda, Luca Lozano, Lodewijk Heylen and Batia Suter. Essays from Luc Deleu and Frederik Willem Daem.



160 pages, illustrated, 26 x 18 cm, paperback, English