Hockney – Van Gogh: The Joy of Nature

Hans den Hartog Jager

Van Gogh Museum, 2019


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The book describes the fascination of both artists for nature, their use of bright colors and experimenting with perspective.

Dutch catalog at the exhibition of the same name in the Van Gogh Museum, 1 March 2019 – 26 May 2019.
Hockney – Van Gogh. The Joy of Nature offers a unique insight into the unmistakable influence of Vincent van Gogh on it
work by David Hockney. For the first time, art lovers can view the works of both artists side by side. The exhibition catalog shows the series of beautiful, monumental landscapes that Hockney made from the nineties in British Yorkshire, and places Van Gogh’s pictures of nature. Hockney’s sketchbooks and iPad drawings are also covered. An exclusive interview with Hockney and an essay by writer and art critic Hans den Hartog Jager provide a rich analysis of the parallels between the two artists.
Especially for the exhibition and this book Rineke Dijkstra made a photo portrait of the now 81-year-old master.


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ISBN: 9789490880200

160 pages, 27 x 22,5 cm, paperback, Dutch