Henry Darger

paperback edition 2019

Klaus Biesenbach

Prestel Verlag, München, 2009 (pb 2019)


In the volume‘s introductory essay, Klaus Biesenbach examines the radical originality of Darger’s art, including his use of collage, incorporation of religious themes and iconography, and frequent juxtaposition of innocence with violence. An essay by Brooke Davis Anderson illuminates Darger‘s source materials and techniques. Michael Bonesteel puts Darger’s life in the context of his work and selects key texts to accompany the illustrations. The book also includes for the first time the text of Darger’s “History of My Life,” the artist’s autobiography. The only book of its kind, Henry Darger offers an authoritative, balanced, and insightful look at an American master.

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ISBN: 9783791385839

304 pagina's, rijk geïllustreerd, 33,5 × 26 cm, hardcover, Engels