Hella Jongerius : Entrelacs, une recherche tissée / Interlace, Woven Research

Anna Colin, Hans den Hartog Jager, Alice Rawsthorn, Anne Röhl, Christel Vesters

Lafayette & Koenig Books, 2019


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Hella Jongerius and her design team from Jongeriuslab transformed the exhibition spaces of Lafayette Anticipations in Paris into a weaving laboratory, experimenting the future of textile making: digital, 3D and space weaving through different looms that they adapted or even made from scratch.
This catalogue, designed by the internationally acclaimed graphic designer Irma Boom, is conceived as a textile object. Placing text as weaving, using Singer stitching for the binding and mixing two different printing techniques (offset and riso), the book itself is becoming a reflection of this unusual exhibition process.


ISBN: 9783960987031

140 pages, 59 colour & 15 bl/w illustrations, 24 x 17 cm, paperback, English/French