Haute Bordure: Geborduurde kleding en accessoires in Nederland 1620-2020

Eveline Holsappel, Anne-Marie Segeren

Fries Museum Leeuwaarden & Waanders, 2021


With embroidery on their clothing, women and men have been attracting attention for centuries. Haute Bordure highlights the fascinating history of four centuries of embroidery in Dutch fashion. From seventeenth-century bridal gloves with pearls, sequins and gold thread and men’s waistcoats decorated with silk flowers, to colorfully embroidered riding gloves from the island of Marken and contemporary creations by fashion designers such as Viktor & amp; Rolf and Jan Taminiau.
This book tells about the makers and carriers, materials and techniques used, sources of inspiration and symbolism. Although embroidery has never faded from fashion, this age-old craft is now once again at the center of many haute couture collections, for example those of Gucci and Dolce & amp; Gabbana and we see it reflected in the current street scene as a reaction to the impersonal mass clothing.
Haute Bordure proves that embroidery is more than just decoration: it shows who you are or who you want to be. IN DUTCH !


ISBN: 9789462623125

128 pages, color illustrations 27 x 24 cm, paperback, Dutch