Gids voor Land Art in Nederland

Dré van Marrewijk, Sandra Smets

Blauwdruk, 2021


Fifty years ago, the Netherlands became acquainted with Land art: large-scale works of art in public space that are an ode to nature and human creativity. What started in a sand quarry in Drenthe and a North Holland dune area was soon followed. It fitted wonderfully into the Dutch landscape: the embankments and ponds, the artistic play with the forces of nature and the special constructions of concrete and Corten steel.
For this guide, Dré van Marrewijk selected and described 65 landscape artworks throughout the Netherlands. In his introduction he discusses the cultural significance of Land art. A foreword by art historian Sandra Smets and the many photos and drawings of the artworks make the Guide to Land Art in the Netherlands ideally suited to discover your surroundings in a new way. IN DUTCH!

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ISBN: 9789492474452

256 pages, 24 x 16 cm, illustrated, paperback, Dutch