Gestel, Sluijters, De Smet en anderen: Liefde voor kleur (Singer, Laren)

Roby Boes, Jan Rudolph de Lorm

Singer, Laren & Waanders, 2023


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This book highlights a special private art collection. The focus of the collection is on Dutch and Belgian painters from around 1900. In the footsteps of the French Impressionists, they distance themselves from visible reality. They distort and discolor what they see to express their feelings. The choice of the collectors betrays an excellent eye for this revolutionary use of colour. In six themes you will be immersed in the experiences of forty artists. They show intimate domestic settings, atmospheric cityscapes, glowing landscapes, windswept beach scenes and scenes from the sizzling nightlife. At the same time, the works of art bear stories about the rapidly changing times in which they were created. IN DUTCH!

Exhibition: 16 May to 3 September 2023, Singer Laren


ISBN: 9789462624818

112 pages, illustrated, 28 x 23 cm, paperback, Dutch