Experimental Jetset: Superstructures: The Constructivist /The Situationist /The Provotarian / The Post-Punk City

Notes on Experimental Jetset / Volume 2

Roma Publications, 2021


Experimental Jetset’s second volume in its self-reflective series is an inquiry into the role of the city as an infrastructure for language and vice versa, seen through the lens of four significant movements: Constructivism, Situationist International, Provo, and Post-Punk. Emerging from a research project and exhibition by the design studio, the book features extensive footnotes by 20 guest authors, including Linda van Deursen, Owen Hatherley, Adam Pendleton, Simon Reynolds, Lori Waxman, Mimi Zeiger, and others. An added bonus: it comes with a 26-page zine, zooming in on the design typology of the original exhibition.

ISBN: 9789492811868

424 pages, illustrated, 18 x 11 cm, paperback, English