Embellishment / Smuk

Eva Demoen, Anaïs Huyghe (Eds.)

Modemuseum Hasselt, 2019


For the first time, Embellismhment / Smuk bundles scientific insights into decoration and adornment in luxury fashion. International curators and researchers provide a clear view of the various techniques, their historical and socio-economic background and their visual and aesthetic value. They bring innovative views on luxury and embellishment as a status symbol and on the role of decoration in fashion and offer a unique insight into the sometimes more than 100-year-old studios, specialized in embroidery (embroidery), plumas series (processing of plumes) and parery floral (floral arrangement).

In a world of Fast Fashion, this book wants to shed light on the savoir-faire of the most important Parisian studios, a virtually hidden aspect of the fashion industry, but also to pay attention to the influence of technological developments in the current fashion scene and to the role of decoration in today’s couture and ready-to-wear.


ISBN: 9789082765922

192 pages, 28,8 x 22,2 cm, hardcover, Dutch/English