Ecologische tuin: Van aanleg tot beheer

Geertje Coremans, Greet Tijskens, Jana Van Butsel

Velt vzw, 2022


Daisies grow in grassy roadsides and ivy in the forest. You never see the opposite in nature. How did that happen? Vegetations have their own unbeatable logic. Understanding these fascinating processes forms the basis for an ecological garden. A garden that offers food and shelter to people and animals, where plants have priority over paved surfaces and where layered plants retain rainwater and allow it to infiltrate slowly into the soil. The result is a biodiverse garden with a pleasant microclimate.
Ecological garden: from construction to management helps you on your way to a well-considered design. You will learn how to choose suitable plants and provide sufficient space for mature trees and shrubs. You get a clear view of the management work and the green residues that you can expect. For garden owners and professionals it is a practical manual for the design, construction and management of ecological greenery.
This way it will be wonderful to spend years in your garden.IN DUTCH!


ISBN: 9789492907097

416 pages, color illustrations, 28 x 22 cm, hardcover, Dutch