Delva Architecture, Fiction & Projections An Olsonian Saturation of a tiers-paysage in Brussels

An Olsonian Saturation of a tiers-paysage in Brussels: Peachlab Bruxelles 2017-2021

Louis van Soest, Louis Ville, Medime Derebey, Mihai Pop, Tomás Barb3rá Ramallo, Yuli Nagata o.a.

Paper Menhirs, 2022


Peachlab is a Belgian architecture collective, created in 2016 by a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers and photographers. Starting from the Third Landscape of Brussels, the collective establishes its practice between the everyday and the extraordinary; between reality and fiction.
Peachlab develops, among other things, in-situ interventions, theoretical projects, false applications for land that has already disappeared or workshops at the university.
Peachlab means experience; propose an idea for a place; developing ideas as possibilities evolve; take advantage of the diversity offered by people and places.

Delva is a place in the north of Brusels that has now disappeared. Delva is also a 400-pages journey that documents peachlab’s interventions on the site before its disappearance.
Photographs, historical ducuments, plans, architectural drawings, essays, poems or comic strip tell the story of a place where memory and fiction (‘fiction’ understood as what has not yet happened) are intertwined. This material constitutes a ‘Satiration’ as Charles Olsen defines it: “to dig one thing or a place or man until you yourself know more about abt that than is poe to any other man”.


ISBN: 9782960310900

400 pages, illustrations in color & b/w, 28 x 20 cm, paperback, French/English