Déjà Vu Style: Fashion Trends That Made a Comeback

Agata Toromanoff, Pierre Toromanoff

teNeues, 2022


One person’s deadly sin is another person’s latest go-to piece. Whether it’s carrot pants, shoulder pads, or leopard print, the fact is that, when it comes to fashion, (almost) everything reappears eventually. But why do past trends return, and is there a way to predict when a piece will be back in style again?

Déjà vu Style is all about these special pieces, featuring the celebrities who made them popular while explaining their comeback. From the miniskirts of the 1960s to the platform shoes of the 1990s and more, this entertaining book on fashion brings them all together.

Fashion historians and experts in vintage fashion provide fascinating background knowledge. Sustainability plays a role here, too, because nothing combats the phenomenon of fast fashion better than wearing rediscovered fashion gems.


ISBN: 978­3­96171­421­6

208 pages, 120 illustrations, 30 x 24 cm, hardcover, German/English