Debby Huysmans: Flotsam

De Garage & MER./Borgerhoff & Lamberigts, 2019


In Debby Huysmans’ photos we see how daily reality is documented. During her travels to former communist countries, she tries to capture authentic moments without strict narrative lines. Although it is not about our reality, the photos are still very recognizable. Huymans ’work records the changes brought about by the modernization process. The artist is fascinated by the changing post-communist present and tries to immerse herself in another world that is changing rapidly before disappearing forever. Huysmans spends her time in the midst of a reality that we do not consider and her photographs radiate a tranquility that is no longer of this time. By showing simple, almost banal daily fragments and ignoring the classical aesthetic prescriptions, Huysmans manages to grasp what is almost invisible.


ISBN: 9789463930840

104 pages, 27,9 x 19,4 cm, paperback, English