De toekomst van Nederland: De kunst van richting te veranderen

Floris Alkemade

Thoth, 2020



The Netherlands faces a number of complex issues. Climate change, the aging society, the switch to renewable energy, the dire shortage of housing and the sustainability of agriculture. As Chief Government Architect, Floris Alkemade is directly involved in studies that focus on the future of the Netherlands. In this book he considers the importance and nature of the underlying cultural themes in the light of the big questions that come our way. The Netherlands occupies a unique position in relation to the global questions, whereby the need to change is essentially a societal question. The author argues that our contemporary prosperity has taken such an unimaginable flight that every change is first of all perceived as a threat. Especially now the ability to change direction must be addressed. The most powerful engine for change is to evoke the desire for change. Imagination is essential in this. Not the world determines who we are, but vice versa, with our stories we shape the world.

Floris Alkemade (1961) is an architect and urban designer. After graduating from Rem Koolhaas at TU Delft, he worked at the OMA agency for 18 years. He took up the position of row builder on September 1, 2015. IN DUTCH!


ISBN: 9789068688078

144 pages, illustrated, 21 x 13,3 cm, hardcover, Dutch