De nieuwe kleine tuin

Alles wat je wilt weten over de beginselen, beplanting en de praktijk

Noël Kingsbury, pohtography Maayke de Ridder

Forte Groen, 2021


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Small gardens, such as in Belgium and the Netherlands, can be an unprecedented source of opportunities for a wide variety of plants. Noel Kingsbury applies natural planting layers and is inventive with walls, ponds, pots and containers. In this book you will also find a chapter about the garden as an animal paradise and there is attention for sustainability. The beautiful photos by Maayke de Ridder give the book a rich appearance. • The (small) Dutch and Flemish garden as a starting point • Trees, plants and shrubs and the vegetable garden * flex edition of successful garden title IN DUTCH!

ISBN: 9789462502680

208 pages, illustrated, 26 x 21 cm, flexicover, Dutch