De jungle tuin

Philip Oostenbrink

Terra, 2021


Philip Oostenbrink is a specialist in the field of exotic plants and offers a lot of inspiration in this book to give your garden a jungle look. With the many variegated and colored leaves of jungle plants you can achieve a spectacular effect that you can enjoy all year round. Not only in large gardens, but also in a courtyard or in a small city garden.
After a description of the many surprising shapes and colors of exotic plants, Oostenbrink discusses eight jungle gardens, from large to small. He pays attention to the combinations in every jungle garden, so that all plants come into their own and get the best place. While some jungle plants prefer a sunny spot, others prefer the shade or partial shade. Includes an ABC of over a hundred jungle plants with a rich array of textures, shapes and colors.
This book is a must for every plant lover and helps to turn your own garden into a green jungle. IN DUTCH!

ISBN: 9789089898678

224 pages, color illustrations, 26 x 22 cm, hardcover, Dutch