Clementine Hoens: Clementine

Clementine Hoens

Grafische Cel, 2021


This publication was realized in response to the LUCA School of Arts Thesis Prize Dirk Lauwaert. The voluminous book is the work with which Clementine Hoens graduated from the Graphic Design course.

Does society judge me because of the name I bear? Are all namesakes that Clementine Hoens collects an impression of what a Clementine should be like? Clementine peels away her layers, then reassembles them. Looking for a deeply hidden core or rather ‘pit’. The book raises questions: Is a personality malleable? If I subtly change myself, can I become that other Clementine too? How much does a name, title, label weigh. This publication is a quest, a maze, a funny and witty jousting game.

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ISBN: 9789492574138

288 pages, illustrated, 30 x 24 cm, paperback, Dutch/English