Christoph Ruys / 1995-2020: Nothing, yet Everything

Christoph Ruys

A&S books, 2020


An artist’s book with conceptual work by Christoph Ruys from the period 1995-2020 and contributions by Frederik Willem Daem, Susan Howe, Eric Min, Maarten Inghels, Francis Ponge, Dirk Lauwaert, Erik Eelbode, Hanne Lamon, Steven Jacobs, Jan Baetens and Lisette Ma Neza. Discreet, thoughtful and deliberately unspectacular.

Since 1995 Christoph Ruys has been working on the continuous reorientation and redefinition of our visual culture. Objects, locations, people or events that refer to broader social issues such as violence, coded communities, linguistic incapacity or the role of the photographic as a binding agent between self-image and reality often form a thematic guideline within this oeuvre.

Christoph Ruys’ work transcends genre and medium: in addition to photography, his work also includes installations, scripts, essays, performances, print, drawings and video.



ISBN: 9789076714585

240 pages, illustrated, 19,5 x 13,5 cm, paperback, Dutch