Chris Johanson

Bob Nickas, Julie Deamer, Corrina Peipon

Phaidon, London, 2013


American artist Chris Johanson (b.1968) has built a loyal following with his vibrant and sometimes hilarious take on the universe and our place in it. In this most comprehensive and up-to-date monograph on Johanson’s work, produced in close collaboration with the artist, Johanson’s idiosyncratic paintings, drawings and sculptural installations portray the contemporary human condition with sincerity and wit. Constructed from salvaged materials and touching on themes such as humankind’s relationship to the natural environment, Johanson’s art can be meditative, humorous and confrontational – all at the same time.
His work has been shown in numerous international exhibitions, including the Istanbul Biennial, the SITE Santa Fe Biennial and the Whitney Biennial.

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ISBN: 9780714856940

160 pagina's, 200 afbeeldingen, 29 x 25 cm, paperback, Engels