Bob Bonies

Jetteke Bolten-Rempt & Rudi Fuchs

Walter und Franz Koenig, 2021


Since the early 1960s, Bonies has worked exclusively with geometric shapes and the primary colours red, yellow, blue, plus green and white if required. These colour elements emerge according to a mathematical system, and he then arranges them. Colour and form and the space between are, for Bonies, the building blocks for constructions that speak for themselves and are also in a relationship with the surrounding space. In his oeuvre, now spanning some sixty years, form and colour have been completely liberated from any servitude to descriptive depiction or allusion: Concrete Art, it is what you see. Bob Bonies applies his approach of reducing things to their essence also to publications about his work. Since the 1960s he has insisted that every catalogue, art book, newspaper or magazine are illustrated not with photographs of his paintings, but with graphic representations. To see, in this way, 220 paintings by Bonies over six decades makes this an unique publication, which is therefore a work of art in itself.


ISBN: 9783753300597

204 pages, 222 color illustrations, 29,7 x 22,2 cm, paperback, English