Blank. A Book on Printing

Vivian Lei

Ginko Press, Berkeley, 2011


In recent years, design professionals have been called upon to push the physical limitations of printed artifacts. New devices and technologies are rapidly altering how we experience and relate to information, and print, in both our business and personal lives…

The obsolescence that inevitably follows combines with other temporal considerations, such as environmental impact or spatial limitations, to pull into question the very necessity of any given material output. As a result, designers find themselves employing and often developing new processes to implement their designs and retain relevance in a changing marketplace. Blank encompasses the wide variety of projects for which designers utilize these techniques – whether branding identity, publication or package design. Providing in-depth insight into the latest trends while highlighting the development of new printing methods, Blank generates fresh fodder for print design in the 21st Century.

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ISBN: 978-9881889355

320 pagina's, 1000 ills., 27 × 20 cm, paperback, Engels