Bernard Dewulf: Tuimelingen. Over leven, kunst en kijken

Bernard Dewulf

Atlas/Contact, 2020


“Tuimelingen” is Bernard Dewulf’s latest contemplative work. It contains essays and reflections on life, art and sensuality. Anyone who is somewhat familiar with Dewulf’s work knows that this is the trinity he has been writing about for years. But even more intimately than in previous collections, those three themes are now intertwined. As in his essays on loneliness, longing, consolation, imagination, on silence in art, the nude and the male gaze, on the woman and the light in paintings, about kissing us and about beloved artists such as Pierre Bonnard, Hugo Claus and Edward Hopper. In addition, Dewulf surveys our era in a beautiful series of shorter reflections on the basis of images of our daily existence. It is not without reason that he calls his “Tumblers” a “chronicle of a look”. It is what this writer does over and over: as lucid as sensual looking and writing. And let us watch. IN DUTCH!


ISBN: 9789045042800

270 pages, 21 x 13,5 cm, not illustrated, paperback, Dutch