Berlinde De Bruyckere: It Almost Seemed a Lily

Berlinde De Bruyckere, Mirjam Devriendt, Barbara Baert, Lieve Watteeuw

Museum Hof van Busleyden & Hannibal, 2018


For her latest work, the Belgian artist Berlinde De Bruyckere was inspired by the sixteenth-century so-called Besloten Hofjes. The Hofjes are small wooden cabinets, filled with an amalgam of artifacts, ranging from handmade sculptures to silk flowers and animals to wax medallions and bone-relics wrapped in fabric. De Bruyckere feels a close affinity between her work and these wonderful microcosmes, which were part of the spiritual world of the Mechelen host house sisters, who made them with great care and dedication.
With its series It almost seemed a lily, De Bruyckere enters into a dialogue with the seven Besloten Hofjes van Mechelen, which were recently recognized as top pieces. She created monumental wooden frames with the tender silhouette of a flower inside, made up of a multitude of simultaneously overlapping and revealing materials. The imposing dimensions of the frames contrast with the fragility of what they enclose. Just as the lavishness of the Hofjes sets the imagination to work and suggests a paradisiacal “garden”, De Bruyckere’s works also evoke a different time and space, Utopia, due to their material layering and contrasting blends.
For this occasion, the artist put together a luxurious folder with six removable sections and can be opened and unraveled bit by bit as if she were a Closed Garden


ISBN: 978 94 9267 777 8

Folder with 6 removable sections of 16 pages each, 6 extra pages, 34.5 x 28 cm, Dutch / English