Belgian Solutions Volume 2

David Helbich

Luster, 2016


When German artist David Helbich moved to Brussels he was amazed by the peculiar and sometimes hilarious no-nonsense solutions he started spotting in his daily surroundings. Most of the time they weren’t even the answer to a problem – think of illogically painted bicycle lanes, a jungle of contradicting traffic signs, wrongly placed house numbers, traffic deviation signs that lead nowhere… In 2006 he started photographing these crazy situations and called them Belgian Solutions. He began sharing his photos on Facebook in 2008 (the Belgian Solutions page now has over 26,600 fans) and soon Belgian Solutions spotters all over the world started contributing photos. And because Helbich keeps making and receiving the most original and funny photos of Belgian Solutions, he has more than enough material for a second volume of his best selling book Belgian Solutions. For this new book, Volume 2, he selected the 302 best photos.

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ISBN: 9789460581991

304 pagina's, 302 foto's, 11 × 17 cm, paperback, Engels