Balthasar Burkhard & Peter Downsbrough: Above & Below – Untitled

Laurent Busine

La Lettre Volée, 2019


Unprecedented collaboration between these two great contemporary artists published and presented as part of the exhibition Balthasar Burkhard at the Botanique (Brussels) from 28/11 to 2/2/2020. A veritable book of artists and friends thought and matured for almost eighteen years, this work combines in a remarkable and immediately recognizable layout the universes of two great contemporary artists sensitive to space for communication. As Laurent Busine, art historian and former director of Mac’s (Grand Hornu) rightly said: « What can i add that would not seem idle, as i follow your footsteps through page after page of generous sharing and the happiness found in sliding the waves of the desert sand dunes into the blue of the sea, in compressing a small town into a single building, in guiding AS towards a star, in opening a gateway to the colour of the red sky, in bringing together impossible perspectives, in guiding us over bridges, roads, rails, far away. And many other things i could not express. »


ISBN: 9782873175511

24 pages, 24 z/w illustrations, 20 x 26,5 cm, paperback, English/French