Balkon: Groen, sfeervol en duurzaam

Lotte Coers

Terra, 2020


This book brings your balcony to life and is completely in line with the ‘Greening the City’ trend. In addition to all the information about greenery on your balcony with organically grown outdoor plants, a vegetable garden and tips for a bee-friendly balcony, Lotte Coers also shows how you can extend the style of your living room to your balcony through the use of color and materials.
What lighting, creative storage solutions and special furniture are there? All information is interspersed with interesting interviews with, for example, a city ecologist (about pigeon nuisance) and a cook (with recipes that can easily be made on the balcony on the barbecue). Finally, 10 tips are given for a sustainable balcony. IN DUTCH


ISBN: 9789089898272

112 pages, illustrated, 20 x 18 cm, paperback, Dutch