Atelier Vera Vermeersch: Kleurlegende van de gebroken plooi / Patronen van het landschap

Edition of 400 numbered and signed copies

Vera Vermeersch, Aurélie Daems, Pol Vermeersch

Atelier Vera Vermeersch, 2020


Two bundled editions on carpets, made of pure wool and in the hand tufting technique. The part ‘Patterns of the landscape’ is inspired by the landscapes of the Italian Piemonte, the second part ‘Color legend of the broken fold’ gives a look at the carpet series ‘Lam Gods’ by Van Eyck and shows how Vera Vermeersch transposes his folding game to abstract color fields.


ISBN: 9789464079852

2 volumes, each 70 pages, illustrated, 24 x 17 cm, paperback, Dutch/English