Asnago and Vender in Milan (Itinerari 07)

Massimo Novati, Maurizio Carones, Adam Caruso, Cino Zucchi

Fondazione OAMI, 2020


The seventh volume of the Milanese Architecture Itineraries series has been published, which since 2013 has translated the thematic itineraries organized by the Foundation of the Order of Architects of Milan into editorial products.
‘Asnago and Vender in Milan’ proposes a contemporary reinterpretation of the works of Mario Asnago and Claudio Vender, independent exponents of the Milanese Modern Movement who have contributed to the changing face of the Lombard capital from the 30s to the 60s of the twentieth century.

The itinerary of the book winds along the streets of Milan, starting from the early years of the professional activity of the two protagonists and embracing 30 years of their career, from 1937 to 1967, to offer a complete overview of the Asnago-Vender architectures in the city.


ISBN: 9788831942102

124 pages, 24 x 15,6 cm, illustrated, paperback, English/Italian