Aldo Rossi and Milano

Milanese Architecture Itineraries

Alberto Ferlenga, Massimo Ferrari, Claudia Tinazzi

Fondazione OAMi, 2017


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Aldo Rossi (1931-1997) was an Italiana rchitect and designer who achieved international recognition in four distinct areas: architectural theory, drawing and design and also product design. He was born in Milano and his his earliest works of the 1960s were mostly theoretical and displayed a simultaneous influence of 1920s Italian modernism (Giuseppe Terragni), classicist influences of Viennese architect Adolf Loos and the reflections of the painter Giorgio de Chirico.

In his writings Rossi criticized the lack of understanding of the city in current architectural practice. He argued that a city must be studied and valued as something constructed over time; of particular interest are urban artifacts that withstand the passage of time. Rossi held that the city remembers its past (our “collective memory”), and that we use that memory through monuments; that is, monuments give structure to the city. Inspired by the persistence of Europe’s ancient cities, Rossi strove to create similar structures immune to obsolescence



ISBN: 8788898274123

120 pages, 22,5 x 16 cm, illustratedd, paperback, Italian/English