Albert Pepermans: Ça suffit?

Christine Vuegen

Borgerhoff & Lamberigts, 2022


The book Ça suffit? is the high point of the festive year on the occasion of the 75th birthday of Belgian artist Albert Pepermans, organised by Schönfeld Gallery. For a whole year a different aspect of Pepermans’ oeuvre was presented every four weeks. At Art Brussels 2022 a solo booth was dedicated to Pepermans as well. The year concludes with this extensive monograph.
Ça suffit? is more than a barren summary of Pepermans’ oeuvre. It is an atypical reference book by an atypical artist. It is a playful, bold, and dynamic book, in which the no-nonsense attitude of this artist and his work really comes to the fore. The dimensions of the book (24 by 30 centimeters) have also been adapted to the proportions of Pepermans’ more recent multiples.
The book examines the influences of pop art, Dadaism, and COBRA on Pepermans’ oeuvre, his memorable collaboration with Hugo Claus, his experiences as a leading performer, and his recent work that takes a look at his many far-away travels.


ISBN: 9789463938303

396 pages, color illustrations, 30 x 24 cm, hardcover, Dutch/French/English