Alan Sekula: Collective Sisyphus

Carles Guerra, Anja Isabel Schneider, Hilde Van Gelder, Jürgen Bock, Bart De Baere, Allan Sekula, Jeroen Verbeeck

Fundación Antoni Tapiès & Walther König, 2020


Key works by acclaimed political photographer Allan Sekula, author of Fish Story

This book focuses on two bodies of work by the great American photographer Allan Sekula (1951-2013). Works from the ’90s—including Fish Story—explore the impact of maritime economy on globalization, while works from the end of Sekula’s life examine 21st-century neoliberalism.

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ISBN: 9783960986904

240 pages, 23,5 x 17 cm, 23 color & 31 bl/w illustrations, paperback, English