Adrian Ghenie, Jonathan Meese, Rinus Van De Velde: Kunst, Kunst, Kunst

Tim Van Laere Gallery, 2019


April 20, 2019 marks an important date in the history of Tim Van Laere Gallery. After being located in the Verlatstraat for more than 20 years, the gallery opened the doors of its new space: an autonomous pavilion designed by the internationally renowned architectural firm OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen.
Tim Van Laere Gallery follows the philosophy of an artist’s gallery, where facilitating and guiding artists is the number one priority. Over the years, Tim Van Laere, together with his director Elke Segers and the TVLG team, have developed a strong program with a series of memorable solo exhibitions. As the ambitions of the gallery and its artists grew, it became increasingly noticeable that the space in the Verlatstraat couldn’t grow with the evolution of the artists any longer. It was a longtime dream for Tim Van Laere to build his own gallery space designed in function of art. This dream became a
reality thanks to the collaboration with OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen and project developer Triple Living at New South in Antwerp.


ISBN: 9789082714562

136 pages, illustrations, 25,8 × 21,7 cm, hardcover, Dutch/ English