Activewear (Modemuseum Hasselt)

Stockmans Art Books, 2021


More than ever before, fashion is finding inspiration in the world of sports. Cycling shorts, hoodies and sneakers are conquering the catwalk. Designers experiment with tulle and with technical materials such as neoprene and elastane. Fashion houses enter into lucrative collabs with athletes and sports labels. Activewear explores this exciting relationship between fashion and sports. It examines the fascinating divide between sports clothing, streetwear and activewear, and invites the reader to reflect on why this success story is taking place.
Elodie Ouédraogo and Olivia Borlée, Belgian athletics stars and guest curators of the exhibition that accompanies this publication, united their passion for fashion and sports in 2016, launching their 42|54 label. Immortalized by the camera lens of Ronald Stoops, they are not only the face of activewear in Belgium, but also of the exhibition and this richly illustrated magazine. Together with other designers, fashion-conscious musicians, fashion actors and international researchers and journalists, they offer a glimpse into the wonderful world of activewear.


ISBN: 9789077207949

104 pages, color illustrations, 30 x 23 cm, paperback, available in Dutch or English