25 Reasons Why to Wear Jewellery

Barbara Schmidt

Barbara Schmidt, 2022 (second extended and revised edition)


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In the exceptionally designed book, you will find many answers and questions about jewellery. What does it mean and where is the opportunity in every day’s life to take a stand with jewellery, to underline the joie de vivre or to master difficult situations with it?
Jewelry addicts will enjoy the entertaining reading and understand the many reasons to adorn themselves.
Starting with one of the oldest pieces of jewellery around 75 000 years ago the author researches the reasons why someone has invented something which supports daily life beyond the struggle of existence. Within jewellery we can symbolize our thoughts and desires since then. Up to now we find 25 reasons why to wear jewellery. A short introduction about the archaeological and ethnological roots leads over to 25 charming short stories all around jewellery.

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ISBN: 9783982051215

188 pages, color illustrations, 20,9 x 14,8 cm, hardcover, German/English