100 x Congo: Een eeuw Congolese kunst in Antwerpen

MAS & Bai, 2020


Exactly a hundred years ago, the city of Antwerp, in full colonial times, became the owner of a Congolese collection. ‘100 x Congo ‘puts a hundred eye-catchers in the spotlight. What stories are behind the objects? How did they get here? What was their significance for Congolese peoples? And where does the future of the collection lie?
You will also discover here how the early contacts between Europe and Africa went. How Antwerp masters portrayed Africans. Why Congolese were presented at world fairs. During colonization there is also the impact of missionary work on Congolese culture. And how did Congolese view white people (mundele)?

For this exhibition and publication, the museum collaborates with Belgian and Congolese artists and researchers. We enter into dialogue with Antwerp residents of Belgian and African descent. The MAS invites you: contribute ideas to the perception of Africans and the past, present and future of the Congolese collection. IN DUTCH!


ISBN: 9789085868101

352 pages, illustrated, 28 x 21 cm, hardcover, Dutch