Coussée & Goris

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Koen Van Synghel

This book takes you on a guided tour of their work that is full of surprises. It shows you why Coussée & Goris do not strive inflexibly for an absolute, radical Modernist renewal, but to let old and new flow into one another harmoniously. You discover an oeuvre that is evidence of an architecture with a style of its own, based on an intriguing play of patterns, themes and constructional methods, and that at the same time reveals the 'thinking in doing' of architecture. You learn how remote their work is from doctrines, manifestos and concepts that alienate the design process from the architectural traditions of making and building. This book is more than just a monograph. It is a real architects' book, like an artist's book. After all, the architecture of Coussée & Goris should not be read as a series of individual buildings, but as an imaginary landscape, a capriccio, in which the principles are made visible of an architecture that inscribes itself in a contemporary framework. To understand the working and scenographic force of the landscape as the supporting element in the architecture of Coussée & Goris, the architecture theoretician Koen Van Synghel confronts pairs of designs: the master plan for the Jeugd- en Natuurdomein De Hoge Rielen, the reconversion of an industrial transformer complex near Kortrijk into a multifunctional urban landscape, the building of a factory shed in Roeselare, the conversion of a furniture store into a school of architecture in Brussels, and the award-winning submission for a crematorium in Hofheide. The art and poetry from which the artists draw their inspiration have forced their way into this book, show the world behind the designs, and make this publication unique.

ISBN-10: 9055445916

190 pages, Hardcover, Dutch/English

Ludion, Gent, 2006